Have I ever told you how much I love the antique markets? If I didn't, here there's my personal point of view of the antique markets of Portobuffolè, a very small nice town near Treviso.

Every second sunday of the month, Portobuffolè is filled of vintage and antiques lovers and I cannot miss it!

What I love most of flea markets is that with a little patience you can find some real treasures, plus you can bargain for everything!
I think that now is very popular this kind of decor (did you remember Junior & Hatter) maybe beacuse it fits with every kind shop. 

Since it has become so trendy, it's now more expensive than before, but in a good antique market it's easy to find these items at a good price!

When I buy something at a flea market, I always think about the ex-owner, who he/she was, what he/she did..., because there every object has a story to tell!

I really hope to share with you other amazing flea markets!

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