BOLONGARO TREVOR, 285 Westbourne Grove, LONDON W11 2QA

Bolongaro Trevor is part of the retail group "All Saints". Do you know that brand? I immediatly recognize it when I see the millions sewing machines in the windows! 
Ok, now that you know what I was talking about, it's time to discover the new creature of Kaite Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor.

This is their store in London, near Portobello Road. 
At first glance you see that wood is the real main character of the place, so I can start to love it...

Then you see that clothes and decor are cleverly matched in a mix of different inspirations.
The picture above (that is part of the window) shows many items that reminde me a military style, just like those lamps.

Here there's the window and I really love the idea to place a grid on the glass and I can ensure that it doesn't bother...

There is also a space for memories of the Victorian style (the armchair and the trunck), but mixed with contemporary english street style.

Old doors and luggage are my favorites vintage items! Both are very versatile! 
You can use doors as a decoration, simply placing them on the wall, or as a bedhead in your bedroom and of course, can be used for what they are!

About luggage, I think the best way for showing them is to stack up them and put some stuff on the top (as in the picture).

The last vintage touch is given by the newspaper used as wallpaper! 

It was a pleasure for me visiting that kind of shop and knowing that there are some brand like this ready to invest in visuals... Do you agree with me?



Have I ever told you how much I love the antique markets? If I didn't, here there's my personal point of view of the antique markets of Portobuffolè, a very small nice town near Treviso.


As previously announced, this is the last post about Miami :-( ..but I think it will be an happy ending, because the last shop I'm showing you is Madewell! 
Meanwhile I'm here, still waiting for the sun..

BASE, 939 Lincoln Road, MIAMI BEACH

Here in Italy winter won't leave and I'm thinking about the beautiful, wide and white beach of Miami Beach... It was summer there!!!
Ok, stop thinking about the sun of Miami, here the sky is grey and I'm wearing still a wool pulllover, nevermind, summer will come!


Here we are in Lincoln Road, the shopping centre of Miami Beach. 
This is the right one-of-a-kind store to get inspired by music, people, magazines, books and by the many interesting design items.  

The interior has a minimalist decor (it's a passepartout!) with high tables and furnitures (this is a smart idea for showing small items!) and those wood counter, the first at the front, is a listening bar and the second is the cash point, that gives an organic touch.

If you want to know more about it visit: www.baseworld.com.

See you next week with the last post about Miami!!!