JUNIOR & HATTER, 2750 NW 3rd Avenue, MIAMI

I don't spend so much time at the hairdresser, just twice a year, but when I go I think that a beauty salon should be warm and cozy as your own home, so that the customer will be welcomed and cuddled, actually I believe that every store should follow this philosophy...

Anyway, this awesome beauty salon in Wynwood is what I've ever looked for!
Please take a minute to watch every single part of the decor with that beloved vintage appeal, in particular: the piano, the bycicle, the wine rack, the old school Nintendo, the lamps and the shipping pallets turned in tables and in the dressing room... 

Great tips, don't you???

DEL TORO, 2750 NW 3rd Avenue, MIAMI

If you look carefully at the walls of this shop, you can easily figure out where is it...  Yes,  we are in Wynwood!!!
I won't go further to tell you about this awesome district of Miami but rather about this shop that I discovered right there.

Del Toro is a shoes label founded in 2006 by two students looking for customized Albert  slippers for less than 900$ and in short time becomes very popular in the fashion system. The brand is based in Miami but hand made in Italy.

The store has a very simple structure, with concrete floors but this cozy leather couch  gives a chilling and elegant touch, the shoes are placed in trasparent display cases as artworks and don't forget those murals in keeping with Wynwood's urban and artsy vibe!  

In this black and white striped building I shot another post that I will publish next week, so stay tuned!!! 

WYNWOOD WALLS, Wynwood Art District, MIAMI

Hello everyone, I'm back home! 

Miami is such a cool, interesting and funny city! I got some wonderful places to show you and one of these is surely the Wynwood Art District.


Tomorrow I'm going to Miami and I'm so excited!!! 
I hope to find sun, warm and of course some interesting places to share to you!! 

(This drawing is a courtesy of my love, Luca).

See you soon guys!!!